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several weeks ago I got finally motivated to try to push my artistic career to, maybe, a higher level. 

I checked out contests & publications possibilities and I have discovered, the chances aren't for just anyone.
Entering contests is 25-60 USD, so at this very moment, 60 USD is 1/3 of my monthly income. So I just can't enter it.
Publication in Dark Beauty Magazine, where my works could fit is 24 USD. 

So basiclly the chances are mostly for people who live in so called "Western" countries.
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focus by huhahohi   winter solstice by huhahohi   Untitled by huhahohi

Thekla by LichtReize  I leave tonight to change my life by LichtReize alva by LichtReize

Sky Blue by Peterix  The shy sun hiding behind the mountain of ice by Peterix
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Will o’ the Wisp is the 5th volume (or issue) of Endorphine Therapy Magazine, a photographic magazine created and designed by me in 2015.
Since then there were 5 volumes released, mostly available in print version via magcloud.

This fall I made a decision to create a profile on, where I can pesent online publications. I choose two of my five issues, 
including the most recent one. 

white thuesday by deer-o white thuesday by deer-o white thuesday by deer-o

artists included in issue V:

:iconleona-snow: :iconsowild: :iconpeterix: :iconhuhahohi: :iconohjournals: :iconlichtreize:

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the things by deer-o

the previous ones

the puzzel by deer-o  
history of waiting by deer-o  breathe, love is blind by deer-o
winter portrait of Veronique with the lilacs by deer-o  night fears by deer-o
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hi everyone and especially those who took part in my give away contest

today I made the video with picking the winner :heart: watch to the end !!!

no matter if you'rethe lucky one or not, leave a nice comment under the video 

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♣ ♣ ♣ on 29 july passed 5 years since I'm a dA member ♣ ♣ 
it may sound soapy but joining this community has changed my personal life and impacted my photography. Oh boy, when I think back of the crazy things I did with some members I met in person ♣ 

!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For this special occasion I prepared a give away of my 5 prints. 3 of them you can see below and the other 2 are a suprise ♣ Please, forgive me the poor quality of the shots - the prints are in good shape, don't worry


Just one thing: make a journal entry featuring my 10 works
you like the most 

Untitled by deer-o  Untitled by deer-o 

THE CONTEST WILL RUN IF minimum 5 persons will enter (=write the journal)
and the winner will be chosen in a lottery 

for more prints & gifts see my etsy store:…
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Hi everyone, my problem is big ! I have a great camera, canon 6d but movie maker destroys the quality 

(sample here: [link] ) 

so actually since about a year I skipped editing my unique videos from Canada because I believe it doesn't make sense anymore.

In advance I would say, don't recommend me Adobe Premiere, because I don't have money to pay for this and I'm not smart enough to instal the cracked version (sorry... 💣) 

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♥ ♥ 
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did you know you can play with deviantArt in "Random Deviation/Deviant/Group" game ? It's fun to find art without making any concious choices. I have skipped the old and really poor ones.

Weeba! by BadW0lfOutlaw Minami's Boogie by Vongrell  ciocolate by snowpard17
untitled by polemon  practice by BluuSky
Captian America Drawing ||200th deviantion|| by demonandangelend
Belle Rose Beauty and the Beast by j-b0x   Xmas in New Pork City by Dadaph

     22437984423 by CapuletiO
    Quilava, use Flame Wheel! by Bedupolker Rainbow Spiderweb by Razinbow
Goin' wild by Moxximillion
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:iconphotographersbloc: :iconphotographersbloc: :iconphotographersbloc: :iconphotographersbloc: :iconphotographersbloc: :iconphotographersbloc:

Background 4714 by Phenix59 This old world is a new world by MPaiva
Vancouver by deer-o  Mg 7125 by themeatballer

Attitude by clippercarrillo  High Plains Homestead by FabulaPhoto
Untitled by IrinaJoanne  Watching Uncle by InayatShah
Auto-retrato no paraiso by SURIphoto 20170530DSC02827b by ltiana355
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morrison's backyard no. 2 by bebefromtheblock - by nairafee  Exploring Hallstatt pt. I by TheChosenPesssimist

   Wandering in a cold void by AlexandrinaAna   Blue Star Chapter 3 by charcoalfeather  Broken by NImFpa

Winter landscape by DawidZdobylak  Let Battle Commence by yanadhyana

      Teal peak by Natlalihuitl  nature by BlackNiqa  Landscape of Stars by LikaKinsky  Planet and stars by GraphNull

    Afternoon by fairyladyphotography  . . . by Alexey-Argentum
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Can anyone tell me how Ulule works ? 

Is there any site where you can start a donation pool ? 

I would like to get Ektar Aero lens but it's right now too expensive for me so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start a donation pool.

Any other tips - very elcome!
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after a half year being a core member I'm not it anymore, it feels kind of sad. But anyway, I would like to thank everyone who supports me every day and also feature some artistic works from my favorites. 

You can find me also:
insta follow: melancholi_a

  The Blackmount, Scotland by Cassiuseos
not there by mothfly  Alone, we are by JustACapharnaum  

Pleasure by agatyfotodzienniki  Enlighten me by JustACapharnaum

Goplo widok z grodu by las-rzeczy  I See Fire by Nelleke

  Coco IIX by Yuukon

Prac. 2016.11.13 by karolina-g  Les spores du Fukai by Onodrim-Photography

Magazine Illustration by DeviStarKiller  

love, grief and isolation by Kodi111  celofan II by miligamma To feel your touch by Nikonfinest

Cold Perfection by Saffella  Inktober: Snowy Village by yanadhyana

Lonely Wilderness by RaphaelleM  without you I am nothing by sollenafotografie  Lady Chanticleer by DalfaArt

Back to the zone zero by SHUME-1  Monochrome Skies by AtEternitysGate

Head North by Jack-Nobre  grumpy cat by Hitryi-Pryanik  needed coffee by Micuta-lui-Seth

ID by SageFillyLuna  creature of darkness by vi0letdreamer  The illusion is the pain by AlexandrinaAna

The Wishfish (without background) by SleepyGardenFox  Untitled by IrinaJoanne

Ixora by kamakebelieve  Pearls. by januarain  Crying by firepaved
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behind the scenes, february 2016 by deer-o the night of the moon by deer-o

      the puzzel by deer-o

  things happen just so by deer-o  swirling waters by deer-o

moments by deer-o of the woods by deer-o

   seven mirrors by deer-o 

before the world ends | 2004 by deer-o  my photographs 2004 | zenit TTL | self developed by deer-o  

dreams by deer-o  my photographs 2004 | zenit TTL | self developed 2 by deer-o
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Hi everyone tagged in this journal. I found a page using my works without crediting. I also recognized some of works I have seen here on dA.

Please, report this page using this filling form:…

:iconnataliadrepina: :iconmachihuahua: :iconamatorka: :iconm0thart: :iconirinajoanne:

the page is here to see:…
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:icona-wardrobe: :iconwe-are-dreamers: :iconpre-raphaelites:

:iconromanticism-lovers: :iconmysteries-oflife: :icondramaticchiaroscuro:
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the issue II (FLUOXETINE) of my magazine  is finally coming to life. Putting the issue together and contacting artist took more time than I expected, also there happened things I couldn't have foreseen before like someone's long lasting sickness or someone else's dad in hospital.  

All in all today I ordered my preview copy so more or less the issue II is finished. 

I still owe the leading artists from the issue I (ALIKE) the thanksgiving feature so here they're :)

older works and the recent ones. Thanks again guys, you were fabulous!

 34 0270 by IrinaJoanne    fierfly by IrinaJoanne 
 Heidi by IrinaJoanne  Untitled by IrinaJoanne

Untitled by lovelycloudyday  onnano issho by lovelycloudyday
Flowers and a skull by forgotten-tale Witchcraft by forgotten-tale  Never having said goodbye by forgotten-tale

Memory by TanjaMoss  Marie drauma by TanjaMoss 
 65230018 by TanjaMoss   inertia by ewzatorska 

the magazine is to buy on magcloud!

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as every style of art the emotive wave has its constant motives like: sadness, love, death, forest, body, flowers.... 

sometimes you think: who has started this style ? and you get in your mnd the cotemporary artists. 
I looked deeper in the deviantArt, back to 2008 & 2009 when a lot of "emotive artists" from now were still "in the pre-school" :P when the following works already existed. Take a look at these roots... 

The artists are no longer active, they're not popular either... they probably don't need your faves.... 

You used to live on the moon by unda  zora iuga by zora-iuga Mystical Meeting by Amor-Fati 

Like children we make believe. by Nikx  
  the world that we live in by justashadowleft yeah 2 by kosmodisk

Wings. by froststick  here by corollary

weather by nylonjuvenile  meet a friend by kioskas your body by raineese

There is a ghost in me by duygukargili chez toi? and again by neonbreakfast 

nasi by etrehadluysalumk  Our lives look so small. by Lyndzie 

Summer Skin. by messxofxinsecurities Lovers by soulshivers

SHOUT by zw6 summer by bubble-gum-heart  Flowerbomb by tarcinrengi