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The previous week I was working hard on my new photo serie... I was waiting for space and time to do that for several weeks. But they look like milion photo's taken before. 
Maybe it's causde by my depression that gets deeper ? I feel I want to say something but I my energy is blocked. I feel tied. 
I feel my mind is twisted and I can't see things clearly.
Maybe I became sloppy and lazy ? 
But maybe I'm in a situation like many others but only I have the courage to face the truth that taking pictures in times of facebook and tumblr is purely pointless.
When I look at my recent works (after 2013) I feel as if I went to a museum to photograph dead dolls, not people. My works are lifeless, posed and artifitial.
Although I like baroque portraits and I like imitating artists from these ages when I look at my works I feel tired and weak. 

I feel as if I was trying to walk on a path full of black holes -  the holes are works that already have been created by the others. 
And to make something very mine I have to avoid stepping on them. Now I feel that path is so narrow that I can hardly move. With my every move I hear little stones and sand falling into darkness. 


I have never seen so many similar looking works in traditional/digital art, nor in literature as I still see on the photographic field. I think this is because the photography as an artistic medium is very coarse/numb. Your camera catch everything as it really is. You can work on it to add some atmosphere or use analog camera that makes  pictures less realistic. But basicly a photographer doesn't have an infinite power about his work like a writer or painter has.
If you manipulate to much with pSh a picture it starts looking too artifitial.

Very often I take a picture... and after some time I discover someone has taken an almost identical work before. If I saw it first I would think I unconsiously inspired by it, but if I see it for the first time I feel strange and uncomforatble. I start considering what the others may think. That I'm a copycat ? That I'm so naive and childish ? I usually feel so bad that I delete such a work (it happened maybe several times, butit did.)

Another example:
About 2 years ago I got an idea to take a picture of flowers sticked to body with a bandage.
I tried once but I didn't like the effect, unfortunatelly later I didn't have much time to keep trying because I was going to Canada. Now, especially on flickr I see increasing number of exactely this motive! I wonder how does it work ? Two years ago there was not even one photo like that, now plenty of them. (I didn't publish any of my samples so noone could inspire).

What is the line between inspiration and plagiarism ? 
I have a friend not involved in the world of art and his clear-headed attitude was often (sometimes annoying but mainly) very refreshing.
I rembemer when I took my first serie with the paper boats.

  the sea never falls asleep by deer-o  If ships by deer-o  history of waiting by deer-o 

He liked it untill I showed to him that work: This house is full of noise 
I wanted to say: "hey look what a cool photo!" and then he said: "Laura, paper boats weren't your own idea! You may never copy someone's concept again." I found his reaction overdosed because paper boats are very popular in the everyday life and culture- aren't they ?
So if someone used them in the photography it doesn't mean they're prohibited forever.

The other time I asked him to find for me on a flea market  a huge old key. To give him an idea how big I wanted it to be I showed to him the following piece of art: destinies

He got upset again and called me copycat using the same arguments as before. That a huge key was already used by another photographer and that I should find my own idea's. I guess many of you reading this story must be laughing like me back then. I tried to explain him it's not the purpose to create something completely innovative but to present your own vision. 
Why am I recalling that sistuation- because I got so used to see many similar works that I even don't react. But recently I try to imagine how a fresh person from outside the artistic community would judge it ? 

More than one year ago I joined flickr-a community only for photography. Although I see there more open minded people, I notice again kind of styles.
Or you take analog shots, or you take pictures of nature (with a very alternative look) or classic emotive portraits (like me). So whatever I would try to do I'm still in a certain group, classified and closed. I

Recently I was talking to one guy about "inspirations" and he said he noticed some trends in photography. 
Using the word: "trends" he opened my eyes. I started to see "trends" everywhere! There's a trend to take pictures in white water /or milk with flowers. There's a trend to take mystical series in black and white (me^^) there's a trend to use butterlies or bugs, there's a trend to take fashion urban portraits etc etc. 

I  have a feeling the audience likes that. I rarely see critical comments. How many portraits of girls in milk we can stand ? <wow>
Often I notice completely new people who begin to follow a certain syle and I can see how quickly they get watchers, feedback and faves. It means to me: "hey, it's cool to keep seeing still the same pieces!". 


Not so long time ago my film scanner died. A completely unknown guy from flickr offered to me he could scan my films.
In that way we started to share our thoughts about photography. His point of view suprised me. 
He was very enthousiastic about women who feature pictures from the delivery room, he was fascinated with a guy who published a photo serie how his grandma was dying and, generally speaking, all of controversial subjects. 
In my opinion if you need to shock your audience to get attention... it means you don't have much to present as an artist. 
It's obvious that things like death, sex, nudity or illness attract the attention - it's written in the primitive, animal part of human minds. It's like the red colour -designed to allert. 
So as far as I am concerned this is something opposite to the basic idea of art. The art is made only by humans due to their complicated psyche and should refer to the higher issues of the existence. I told it to him and he even didn't respond... I bet he got angry my point of view was different. 

This conversation made me think of the sense of being artist in the age of internet. Anyone can publish... so anyone can be a photographer, writer, celebrity... who is the audience ? I know on deviantArt and flickr there are mostly serious people.
But facebook or tumblr  is a kingdom for histerical teenagers... why are crappy pieces like "50 shades of Grey" or "Twilight" so popular ? Why do most people love silly, naively shocking stories ? 

                                                                                                              ~ ~ ~

You don't have to comfort me and don't  feel obligated to comment. I just wanted you to read it.
This is the most important to me.
So you can just leave a comment with the dot ("."). 

If you want to say something else, please, don't tag artists nor works. I don't want to start a huge discussion under this journal. My depression makes me anxious so talking to unknown people who would accidentally get involved in the discussion would be to hard to me.
I hope you understand. 

sorry for being cranky.


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