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  • Mood: Isolated
  • Reading: Helga Weissova's Diary
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In the last time I had a lot of reflections about art in the internet, deviantArt community and many others. That's why I ask you kindly to take a look at this journal. You don't have to read all I'm going to write but just take a look at the bold heading.

1. Tumblr, pinterest, instagram.

From time to time there jumps up on my facebook wall my own photo.
As you can assume it's is not shared by me but by some facebook fanpages about books, photography, fashion and many others. The work isn't credited, sometime there's a silly quote added on it. 
I always report to facebook and the admins are made to remove my intelectual property.
Anyway, the problem is they usually take works not from my account but from pinterest, tumblr or instagram. I don't upload my photography on any of those rubbish tools designed only to get as much empty likes as possible.  That means someone from deviantArt takes my works from here to put them on their external blogs, mood boards or whatever it is.

Maybe this person thinks it's like saying how good I am.
But maybe that person just wants to get attention for his account doing nothing and only using someone else's works. My experience shows that people who use someone's works usually don't create anything on their own.
I have never found my work on an artit's blog.
So WHY DO YOU RUN A BLOG if you don't have anything to say/show ? 

I don't mean professional blogs tending to be an online magazine in the future, because they always contact author's before featuring.

That's why if you're reading it right now I kindly suggest you to stop. First of all it's respectless to me, second of all when I find the blog that has stolen my work I send a very, very, very rude message that you wouldn't expect from a girl who takes such delicate pictures. 

PLEASE, NO COMMENTS like: "oh, what did you expect ?" or "it's normal nowadays". 

I don't like when people try to justify the art theft with poor arguments like that. 

2.  Adding and removing works from groups. 

I belong to many groups, something about 90. That's why I don't really remember in which group my work was rejected. That's why I ask you guys not to send me-or anyone!- messages like: "we have already rejected your works and you're trying to add them again. Once more and we will ban you"

It's better to ban me immedietelly than sending a messages like that. Why do you think I'm doing it to make you angry ? Does it take so much time just to reject it once again ? Why don't you assume a member just made a mistake, forgot or something ? 

A similar story is when I remove my works from groups. Some admins get really angry and send warning notes. Please, don't do it! What is the point of it ? On flickr this information is hidden what is better for the community relations. 
  • I remove works after a really long time like several months or a year. 
    People usually don't search group folders so far so it doesn't really count if my work is there or not. I never delete them after one day, one week or one month.
  • I will suprise you: I also remove my own works from my own groups
  • This is my policy, I don't think it's insulting. It doesn't mean I don't like your group or that I find it bad/weak. 
    besides: deviant Art is for fun, it's not Tate Gallery ;) so relax. 

3. New watchers.

When I look at my watcher's board I see only empty avatars... every day I get two or three of them and it seems they just make accounts and disapear! 
No faves, no comments, they also keep their galleries empty. 
So if you're reading it right now feel free to introduce yourself below and fill your gallery up ;)

Old watchers... where are you ?! 
When I look who faves my recent works, since more than one year I don't see any deviants who I can recall from the beginning of my activity. It makes me very sad, it's asif I lost my roots... 
since march 2014 I'm on flickr aswell and however I like that community I still feel the best here and I regret so many people decided to leave deviantArt.

4. Journals

I love writing them and searching for new interesting artists. (That's why I decided to try with my own magazine.)
But I feel upset when people don't even come to say "thanks" or fave the journal where they're featured. I'm doing it for you...
Forum is full of people who offer features for points ^^ I'm doing it for free because I just love it. 

And I can't imagine I wouldn't say thanks to someone who featured me. 

BUT you don't really have to thanks for the faves or comments. 

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Etimasia Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
Och nie zauważyłam, że my władamy językiem tym samym! :rose: Dziękuję! :heart: 
deer-o Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Photographer
o jej, faktycznie, a ja sie wyglupiam po angielsku ;) no wiec ksiazke naprawde polecam.
Etimasia Featured By Owner 2 days ago
a ja się nie wygłupiam? muszę się na codzień gimnastykować. dziękuję! miłego wieczora. gdziekolwiek jesteś. :)
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